Watch video: Water resilient infrastructure: comparing Canada and the Netherlands (nederlands ondertiteld)


This second webinar from the series Climate Adaptation: solutions from different corners of the world was about adapting infrastructure to new conditions caused by climate change in Canada and the Netherlands.

Watch the video (Nederlands ondertiteld)


Darren Swanson from the International Institute for Sustainable Development shared his knowledge about climate resilience in the context of Canadian water infrastructure. He focused on the latest information on climate hazards and impacts on Canadian infrastructure, resilience options of addressing climate risks and Canadian policies.

Floris Boogaard discussed the common problems we encounter around the world when it comes to climate adaptation. Think of subsidence, peak showers and drought. He specifically discussed all the good examples of climate adaptation that are already out there worldwide, and where you can find them online if you are looking for inspiration for your specific challenge.



Darren Swanson

International institute for sustainable development

Senior associate

Floris Boogaard

Hanze Hogeschool en Deltares

Professor spatial transformations


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